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Once you have cleared your Credit Inquiries using InquiryBusters.com and have eliminated the need to wait 6 Months before applying for Funding again, it’s time to go on your 2nd Funding Round to obtain Credit Limit Increases on existing Accounts you obtained in the 1st Round, as well as additional Funding with new Lenders we did not use in the 1st Round.

As an Example, let’s say you wanted $250,000 in Total Funding, and on the 1st Round you achieved $100,000. The on the 2nd Round we will look to increase limits on the $100K to boost your total available credit to $125K or $150K, and get the remaining funds from new Lenders we did not use on the 1st Round. This process can be repeated for multiple Funding Rounds until you achieve your desired Funding Goal.

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We support a number of charities that we feel make a positive contribution to the world we all live in. We want you to know that part of your fees go to great causes.