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Hi, I’m Adam. I had low credit scores due to some late payments on medical bills I incurred a few years ago. A month ago I found a great apartment that I wanted to rent, but I wasn’t approved on the application because of my low scores.
A friend referred me to, and suggested I purchase a package that would boost my credit rating across all three credit bureaus. TopTradeline support worked closely with me to explain which package would work best for me and even explained a Personal Funding Program to get me started.
Within six weeks, my credit scores had risen by nearly 200 points on all three reporting bureaus. I now have scores of 789 on Experian, 772 on TransUnion, and 792 on Equifax. I was approved for the apartment lease and have since moved in to my new place. I was also able to qualify for two credit cards, from American Express and Bank of America, with a combined credit limit of $28,000. That allowed me to purchase some new furniture for my apartment as well.
I have never worked with any company to improve my credit scores, but worked great. I now have more freedom to make the purchases I want, qualify for financing, and receive better interest rates.

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