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Hi, I’m Tony. After years of renting apartments, I was finally ready to invest in my first condo. However, I knew that my credit scores were not as good as they could be. Sure enough, I was on the lower end with scores of 523 on Experian, 531 on TransUnion, and 514 on Equifax.
I began researching ways to raise my credit scores and found I was a little apprehensive to spend money to raise my credit scores, but I really wanted to be eligible for a lower interest rate now that I was out house hunting. I purchased the Platinum Package on and within three weeks, my scores had risen by over 100 points across all three reporting bureaus.
I was so impressed that I also spoke to TopTradelines about securing a low interest rate credit card. I was able to get a Bank of America credit card with a limit of $7,000…and that was just the beginning. Additionally, within another 3 weeks, my credit scores had increased even more! I now have credit scores of 752 on Experian, 768 on TransUnion, and 741 on Equifax.
It is definitely worth the investment in They helped me raise my credit scores to be able to qualify for lower interest financing.

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