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The Corporate Cash Credit Program is a Dedicated Coaching Program that will achieve an 80 Paydex Score and then assist you in getting Approved for Stated Income Unsecured Corporate Credit Cards within 3 Weeks in most cases. Using a special technique that we teach you, you will be able to access the full line of credit of your Unsecured Corporate Credit Cards in cash at the Purchase APR, so effectively, they will have the same functionality as a regular Unsecured Business Line of Credit.

You will need a Business that is over 2 Years Old and that is Credit-Ready. If you don’t have a Business, or your Business is not yet 2 Years Old, then you can purchase a Credit-Ready Aged Corporation from our Sister Company


1.  3+ Years of Clean Credit History (Ideally 5+ Years):
No Derogatory Items or at least none in the recent past. If your Credit History is not at least 3 Years Old, we can add Seasoned Tradelines from to your Credit Report so you meet this Requirement. If you have any Negative Items on your Credit, our Sister Company can remove ALL Negative Items within just 1 to 3 Weeks via the Fast-Track Credit Sweep option.

2.  3+ Open Revolving Credit Accounts:

If you don’t have at least 3 Open Revolving Accounts, then we can add Seasoned Tradelines to your Credit Report so you meet this Requirement.

3.  30% or Lower Revolving Debt Ratio:
If your Combined Unsecured Revolving Debt is more than 30% of your Combined Unsecured Revolving Credit Limit, then you need to either pay down the Unsecured Debt to under 30% or we can add Seasoned Tradelines to your Credit Report to dilute the Revolving Debt Ratio down to under 30%.

4.  700+ Credit Scores (Ideally, 720+):

If your Scores are under 700, then we can add Seasoned Tradelines to dramatically increase your Credit Scores and the overall Quality of your Personal Credit History in only 3 Weeks! It’s common to see Credit Scores jump up 50 to 150 Points in 3 Weeks – This is the Real Deal and we guarantee the Tradelines will post to your Credit Report.

5. No More Than 6 Inquiries per Credit Bureau in the last 6 Months:

If you have too many Inquiries, our Sister Company can remove them all for you within only 1 to 3 Weeks under the Expedited Option as long as they did not result in a  new Personal Credit Account being opened.

If you meet these Requirements, you can easily obtain $25K to $75K per Lender in Unsecured Corporate Credit Cards within the first 3 weeks in the Program, which can add up to Total Funding of up to $500,000.

$150K to $500K in Total Bank Financing is possible for most of our clients if you meet these Requirements and you combine it with a Credit-Ready Aged Corp that is over 2 Years Old.

Don’t meet the Requirements? Don’t worry – We can solve all of your Credit Problems FAST via our Sister Companies, and!

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