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The Corporate Cash Credit Program is a Dedicated Coaching Program that focuses on achieving an 80 Paydex Score on Dun & Bradstreet within 45 to 60 Days, and then on obtaining approvals for Unsecured Corporate Credit Cards with No Income and No Asset Verification, some of which may have 0% APR for 6 to 12 Months, or other attractive promotional APR offers. We also teach you methods that can be used to access the Full Credit Limit of each Corporate Credit Card in CASH and at the Purchase APR.


1.  3+ Years of Clean Credit History 
No Derogatory Items or at least none in the recent past.

2.  3+ Open Revolving Credit Accounts

3.  30% or Lower Revolving Debt Ratio

4.  720+ Credit Scores 

5. No More Than 6 Inquiries per Credit Bureau in the last 6 Months

Don’t meet the Ideal Credit Requirements?
Talk to us – We can guide you!

These are IDEAL Requirements, NOT Minimum Requirements.

The closer you are to these Ideal Requirements,
the better Funding Results you will achieve. 


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