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Well, that depends. You’ll need to start with a good personal credit score of 650+, ideally 700 or more. If that is not the case, TopTradelines can provide a big boost. The business loans or lines of credit you will be offered by the banks will be based on full documentation. However, if your business has not been open long, cannot therefore show tax returns, has low income or you have a shelf corporation, we will go stated income. This means your loans will be in the $25 to $50,000 range per lender. But if your business has a history, tax returns and good profit, you can get approved for much higher limits. If you want only trade credit, not bank financing, then this program will get you there without providing any kind of personal guarantee nor personal credit check. This is not cash money, but it can get you trade items you need, quickly and efficiently, such as accounts directly with stores that sell electronic equipment, furniture and various other business products and services your business needs on a day to day basis in order to operate. Also – look again at our timeline – you will get money in the first 21 day round, and even more in the second 21 day round after the inquiries are cleaned up.

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