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Hi I’m Carolyn. I am what you call a serial entrepreneur. I love starting businesses from scratch and hustling like mad to get them to turn a profit quickly. I’ve worked with on almost every business I’ve been in. Every business needs cash on hand to grow. And I like to do things fast, which is why I love working with They work at my speed…fast!

They have a program that helps businesses get credit ready in just 7 days. If your Paydex score needs a boost, they can get it to well over 80 in about 45 days. And if your personal credit isn’t so hot, well there are several ways they can help get your credit score up as much as 100 points in a matter of weeks.

But the thing I like the best is how quickly you can get approved for funding. For one business I was approved for $178K in about 3 weeks time. On a separate business, I received $58K in about 6 weeks time.

They have an umbrella of programs and sister companies that meet you where you’re at and help qualify you for funding to get your business moving forward. I would definitely recommend these guys.

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