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I have a start up tech business. We had just finished developing the prototype and were ready to move into the next phase of production, so we needed funding for that. I went the traditional route…going to banks and creditors directly and all that…but got turned down. The business was in its ‘infancy’ they said, and just too risky.

But I wasn’t about to give up. So, I went online and after a simple Google search, found

I put in an initial inquiry and one of their agents called me back right away. Right off the bat, I knew that they could help so I signed up.

They took about a week to go over everything in my business and get it credit ready. The next step was to get my Paydex score up over 80, and they have a great program for that. In fact, was able to get my Paydex score to 92!

They were also able to secure Trade Credit Lines from vendors that I use regularly. That really helped me out a lot. After about 60 days, they started applying for funding on my behalf. I didn’t have to do anything.

As a result of working with, I was approved for $86,000 in credit and now able to bring our product to the market.

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