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I’ve never had good credit at all. It’s actually really embarrassing to admit that. But, while I was working as a temp, I started a side cookie business literally from my own kitchen. I worked really hard building it up, but because of my lousy credit history, I couldn’t catch a break with the banks to take it to the next level.

I had been in business for 3 years, and knew that the holiday season was going to be my busiest time. I wanted to position myself to handle all the orders…which meant ordering more ingredients, equipment…and hopefully some part time help. And I needed money for that.

That’s when I contacted CorporateCashCredit.com. After the initial analysis, they went through everything and got me ‘credit ready’ the very first week. I also signed up for the 80 Paydex program which is a 45 day program to get your Paydex score up. They helped me make payments to creditors and my Paydex score got as high as 84!

They filled out and submitted all of the credit applications for me, and within 3 months I got approved for a total of $25,000 in credit from 5 banks! Let’s just say, it was my best holiday season ever!

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