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The thing that attracted me most to is that I needed credit to finance my plumbing business, and just didn’t have the time to dot all of the ‘i’s’ and cross the ‘t’s.’ has a professional staff with 24 hour support. I never had to worry about whether things were getting done and moving forward.

They reviewed my company details and spent a week getting it credit ready. They then helped me get my Paydex score to 93…and set me up with several trade credits so I could establish the kind of credit history creditors want to see.

They did all of the legwork…filled out and submitted all the applications. They even knew which companies were the right ones for me to apply to. It was a load off my mind, especially when the approvals started coming in.

Ultimately, helped me get $85,000 in credit from Bank of America, Capital One, Barclay and Cabela’s. They are definitely a company I would recommend, and I will use again.

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