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Hi, I’m Jackie and I used CorporateCashCredit.com to get money to expand my nail salon. I had 3 nail stations and wanted to add waxing, brow and lash services. That meant buying equipment and supplies, and also expanding my budget for marketing and advertising.

After contacting CorporateCashCredit.com, the agent explained everything we needed to do to make my business look attractive to lenders. After that initial conversation, they went to work to get my business credit ready. That took less than a week.

Then I went into the 80 Paydex program because my score was under 80. They helped me make several credit payments which resulted in boosting my Paydex score to 88. That happened pretty fast…within the 45 day time frame they promised.

After that, CorporateCashCredit.com started applying for funding from various banks and creditors. They took care of all of the paperwork for me, which was really nice.

I received approvals from 3 banks… Bank of America, Chase and Barclay. I got $30,000 in combined credit. Having this money really helped me to grow my business they way I had wanted. I couldn’t be happier with the result I got from working with CorporateCashCredit.com

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