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I sell medical supplies in a small town. We do ok, but don’t have a lot of extra cash on hand. We had a few emergency situations come up unexpectedly and I had to make repairs to the building and office space. I didn’t have the funds.

I applied for a business loan at a couple of banks and got rejected fast. It was discouraging. I was talking to another business owner down the street who told me about CorporateCashCredit.com.

I contacted a sales agent and he was super helpful. He explained how the lending process really works and how to get approved. I was told my business needed to look “credible” on paper. So, they helped me get credit ready by improving my website and public listings. Then they helped me make some payments to bump up my Paydex score to 88. In the first round of funding, I got $22,500 from one lender. The folks at CorporateCashCredit.com kept working for me, and in the second round of funding I got approved for $48,000. So a total of over $70K and it came just in time!

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